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Bazos Online bazaar

ROLE: Designer DATE: March 2017 CONTEXT: Website redesign

Mobile first redesign of the online bazaar - Bazos.

Case study


Bazos is Czech online bazaar. The website is operating 14 years now and it provides great services to the thousands of people every day. Its biggest value is in fast submitting and searching for ads. People love the ease and speed of the site.

Colors & typography

Colors and typography bazos

Logo discovery

Logo discovery
Logo Bazos gif

User flow

Bazos user flow


The challenge for me was to keep in mind speed, simplicity and intuitive interface and build on it. I’ve used multi-purpose floating CTA button. This button represents the most used actions one can perform in the particular section of the website.


I wanted the design to be used as a fullscale responsive website, not an app or mobile version. Right after the design of mobile UI, I’ve created desktop version.
Bazos desktop


Do you want to know how the navigation works? Feel free to use this prototype. The design consists of 19 different screens you can browse just like the user.


This project wasn’t created for real client nor with the intention of selling it. Its purpose was to improve my skills, explore new possibilities and to improve my visibility in the design community. I’m very happy with traction it gained on Behance and social media.
Behance views


Social engagement


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