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CNMA Concept

ROLE: Designer, Front-end DATE: February 2016 CONTEXT: Personal project

I am a big movie enthusiast. Thats why I decided to design this concept for movie portal. It's insired by Google's Material Design manifesto.

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At the moment, there is no website in Slovakia, which combines possibility of rating and reviewing movies and modern responsive design. My job as a designer is always about solving problems. Since I felt there’s room for improvement, I decided to create a concept of such site.


My main objective was to improve user experience on mobile devices and main functions of the website: rating and reviewing movies. All content is structured using cards, which can be moved, removed and customized by the user.
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I payed extra attention to the rating process. It’s a key feature of the website, so I wanted it to be really user friendly and easy to understand. Inspired by Google’s Material design principles I used a big main action button, which triggers both rating and additional functions.