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DailyUI #001-#020

ROLE: Designer DATE: March 2017 CONTEXT: Design challenge

20 days of design excercises. Just for fun and training.

Case study

DailyUI start
DailyUI #001 - Login screen

#001 - Login screen

Probably the worst one of the set. But hey, stay with me mate.

DailyUI #002 - Credit Card Checkout

#002 - Credit Card Checkout

I've tried a new dribbble-like style. Nice and simple.

DailyUI #003 - Landing page

#003 - Landing page

What is it? Nobody knows, but you can download it for free and it’s awesome!

DailyUI #004 - Calculator

#004 - Calculator

I always hated it when I messed up my geometry and couldn't change it back. With this tablet/desktop app, you can revert any change and make your geometry perfect.

DailyUI #005 - App Icon

#005 - App Icon

I've used my current personal project - rebranding and redesign of Bazos, Slovak online bazaar. Creating an app icon was actually pretty easy, since I alredy had an well designed, circular symbol.

DailyUI #006 - User profile

#006 - User profile

Dont get too close, I bite! First entry with speed design video.

DailyUI #007 - Settings

#007 - Settings

Chrome's UI Material design rework. I love chrome, but I think its settings design is a bit crap. Here is my simple solution.

DailyUI #008 - 404

#008 - 404

A wild Travolta appeared on my website.

DailyUI #009 - Music player

#009 - Music player

Do you need an album picture when you browse through your music? I don't. All I need in an ability to quickly open, find, pause or rewind my favorite songs.

DailyUI #010 - Social share

#010 - Social share

I've had so much fun experimenting with different styles of social icons.

DailyUI #011 - Flash message.

#011 - Flash message.

I flew away again. I was supposed to design flash messages - positive and negative. But while sketching, I came up with the idea of flexible upload bar. Like a string with heavy ball and if your file is too heavy, it breaks.

DailyUI #012 - E-commerce, Single item

#012 - E-commerce, Single item

My very first attempt to design in Affinity Designer! And it is actually not that bad at all. I need more time to learn about it tho.

DailyUI #013 - Direct messaging.

#013 - Direct messaging.

Do you know that feeling when you have no idea which part of your design is your client talking about? Let's make it easier for both of you. Simple design of direct chat between client and designer.

DailyUI #014 - Countdown Timer.

#014 - Countdown Timer.

Death clock. The most important countdown of your life.

DailyUI #015 - On/Off switch

#015 - On/Off switch.

Switch experiment. Coded!

DailyUI #016 - Pop-up, overlay.

#016 - Pop-up, overlay.

Simple pop up design in Affinity Designer. I wanted to do something big. bold and yellow.

DailyUI #017 - Email receipt

#017 - Email receipt

I've redesigned email receipt of my favorite Slovak summer music festival - Grape. I took some inspiration from their new visual style

DailyUI #018 - Analytics

#018 - Analytics

Quick analytics concept of Donnie's insanity designed in Affinity Designer.

DailyUI #019 - Leaderboard

#019 - Leaderboard

Table of the healthiest fruits with recipes and closer info. Affinity Designer really sux when you want to edit the image inside the mask. It's not possible.

DailyUI #020 - Location tracking

#020 - Location tracking

Design of the web application for tracking the location of lost or stolen phone. I've used Snazzy Maps to create a custom Google Map.


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