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ROLE: Designer DATE: December 2016 CONTEXT: Logo design

Acronyms as logos are everywhere. That's why I decided to use my full name instead.

Case study


Logo is a foundation of my visual identity. I wanted to make sure, it will represent my visual style and vision as closely as possible. My main goal was the legibility, but at the same time I wanted it to look energetically. Simple, yet not boring.
Logo Andrej Cibik

Color scheme

I put a lot of time and effort into finding the right colors. Again and again I tweaked the values until I’ve found the right ones. I chose this cool gradient of two tropical colors, which works very well on both light and dark backgrounds.
Colors Andrej Cibik
Logo Andrej Cibik
Logo Andrej Cibik


When I was satisfied with the logo, I proceeded to design some of its applications. There was no need for me to design all the possible applications. Therefore I only designed those I would actually use - the web site, business cards and an email signature. Everything with emphasis on simplicity and minimalism.

Business card

Bussiness card

Email signature

Email signature

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