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Pillar wallet Concept

ROLE: Designer DATE: September 2017 CONTEXT: App design

My entry to Pillar wallet design contest.

PDF presentation

Typography and colors

User flow

Pillar user flow

Home screen

I have focused on these 3 things while designing the home screen: perfect legibility, ergonomic and intuitive placement of the buttons and enough room for the transaction history. The graph under the balance can be implemented in later versions. It can be the entry point to personal analytics section.
Home screen

Receive and send funds

I think giving the users an option to change their fees should be implemented together with an estimation of confirmation time. The speed is not always the priority for everyone. Sometimes you want the lowest possible fees.
Receive and send


Do you want to know how the navigation works? Feel free to explore this simple pretotype. The design consists of 40 different screens you can browse just like the user.

For better understanding and feel for the design, send link to yourself and test it on your phone -


I have tested this design in my work (design agency) and with my online fanbase throughout the process. But I need a bigger sample size and more versions to get to some conclusions.

Dark theme

I propose a minimum of 2 themes for people to choose from. Ideally, Pillar should have more contests for designers to create many interesting styles and themes.

People on Twitter seemed to like the dark theme more. Many expressed their desire to be able to switch themes.

Dark version

Extras and the future

I did not stop at 0.1 version. I have explored more possibilities for future wallet functionality.


Guides and educates new user on core features and principles of crypto wallet. This part will need much more attention once we focus on broader audience.


Multicurrency home screen

Survey showed, having many different coins / tokens, is something users desire. I was exploring the ways, how to show as many different currencies as possible, while maintaining a simple layout. Users should have the ability to customize their UI and dragging their most used coins to the top. By default, coins can be sorted by their fiat value.


Different themes and menu style

None of these styles and layouts are definitive. We can change and explore different solutions and continually test them.


I'm not sure if this is what you imagined for 0.1 version, but with your feedback and guidance, I'm sure we can get there. Take this work as a proof of my abilities, not as a final design.
I believe Pillar project has a decent chance to attack mobile wallet space head on!

PDF presentation